Friday, December 26, 2008

Avocado: The "Buttery Pear" of Eternal Life

Have you ever gasped in awe at the beauty, flavor and aroma of the avocado? It resembles a dark pear with tough skin. Pull the skin back to reveal a soft, green glowing fruit that promises the sun, moon, and stars in the palm of your hand. It has seen a growing trend amongst shoppers in America in the last ten years. Vegans, vegetarians, and raw dieters praise the avocado for its protein, fat and whole nutrient content, but what about it is so special about it? First of all, if you haven’t partaken of this holy food of the Peruvian “Testical Tree” (because you live under a rock), go and buy one immediately. When choosing avocados, check for firmness as they ripen off the vine. If you want to eat one immediately, they should be moderately soft but not mushy. I recommend cutting it in half, a little salt and pepper mix it together in the skin and eat with a fork. I can only describe the taste as “nature’s ice cream”. In fact, the shape and fat content of the avocado can be likened to that of an egg, and can be used in ways that the egg would be used: ice cream, sauces, flavor, fat.

An avocado is actually a green fruit, and not only is it a fruit, it is an oily berry. The oil of the fruit is mostly monounsaturated fat and easy to digest and burns slowly. The fat content allows the individual to absorb five to ten times the amount of carotenoids out of a salad than without. Carotenoids are fat soluble nutrients such as beta carotene and lycopene. Without the presence of fat, we absorb these nutrients in a much less efficient manner. The fat is also known to lower bad cholesterol, clearing the arteries of the heart and lowering the chance for disease. (

Most nutritionists state that Americans do not get enough green foods in their diet. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in America for men and women. The link between green foods and a decrease in heart disease has been established by many medical researchers. "The mechanisms through which vegetables and fruits protect against heart disease are likely multiple," says Dr. Kaumudi J. Joshipura of Harvard University ( Green foods are high potassium, vitamin K, folate, fiber and other nutrients that are known to have a direct effect on heart disease and multiple types of cancer.

The research of others, and my own observations, have brought me to the conclusion that foods are much more than fiber and vitamins. I believe their shape, color, and feeling tell much more about their symbiotic relationship with humans. For my final project in college I was to build a website that demonstrated everything that we had learned in our web design class. My web page was going to be dedicated to foods and learning how they relate to and support various energy flows in the chakras.

The information that I gathered would be based completely on speculation, without much evidence. I found that this task was much larger than I had anticipated since there was so much to understand about the vibrational nature of the fruits and vegetables on our planet. I was pleased to find some discoveries over at Ezra Sandzer-Bell’s blog, HOWMusick (, which again sparked my interest in the pseudo-subject. Here is an example of one of Ezra’s Illustrations:

This is an excellent example of practical synchromysticism at work. Nature is speaking to us from every corner of our perception. My theory is that the colors of foods speak for which chakra they support. We know that the heart chakra is green, and we need green foods as a major part of maintaining a healthy heart. What other foods with specific color have an effect on the chakras?

Goji Berries are raging onto the health food scene. They originate in the Himalayas and art known to contain some of the highest amounts of anti-oxidants known to any fruit, surpassing blue berries, pomegranate, oranges, etc.

Upon first observation, the berry appears a deep red. This would tell us that it supports the base chakra and everything that energy is used for. The red chakra grounds or roots us in this reality, so that we may maintain stability. The goji berry contains 19 amino acids including the 8 essential proteins needed for life. It is packed with trace minerals and vitamins and a good candidate to cover all the needs of the physical self in this reality. Anyone who has ever soaked goji berries in water will notice that they start to bleed orange. I would guess this is because they are a greater source for beta carotene than carrots. If you have ever enjoyed a glass of raw, unfiltered goji juice, you might have noticed the similar taste to a strong carrot juice. What does this say for the sacral chakra? Many venders rave goji as the new Viagra. While these claims are unproven, my personal experience is that they improve overall sexual function and libido. I already have a somewhat high libido, so I’m not the best test subject but other testimonies have divulged the same sort of information. It could be that the highly complex polysaccharides offer an overall energy boost that works its way up the entire chakra system, lending most of the energy to the lowest chakras.

Applying these same principles to the avocado, I believe that the Universal consciousness has introduced this fruit at this time to resonate the energy of humanity closer to the vibration of unconditional love. Dr. Len Horawitz has claimed that the exact center of our visible spectrum is the vibration of a love song that the creator sings to emanate creation. The center of our color spectrum is green, resonating around 528 terahertz. When we see the earth from above, the first thing that we notice is the color green because this is the color of life.

Dr. Horawitz has stated that listening the frequency of 528 hz will have a major impact on the overall vibration of being. As we begin to “attune” ourselves to this frequency, our hearts will send out that signal to be picked up by other individuals that we come into contact with, communicating unconditional love.

This is the true “green movement”. A movement towards unconditional love disguised as an ass backwards attempt at cleaning up pollution and having a handful of respect for the living being that is our planet. So eat avocados in your salad if you want to save the planet.


  1. Avocado on the heart chakra... Interesting. I just finished a post on the 12 petal/12 tone heart connection over at HOWM. Wondering now how avocados tie into western music...

    Will have to sit with that one for a minute...

  2. Nice job! I would love to see you expand on this or cite other works that have done so. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!