Friday, March 6, 2009

Channeling the Beyond

I am an IT professional by day. There is no need to let my coworkers have a glimpse into my world. It is a bit frustrating not being able to share my experiences, findings, and wonders with the people in my general vicinity. I feel like I am learning so much every day and there is really no one to tell, so I’ll keeps it tight with the blog and forum community. ‘Big ups’ to Red Ice Creations and the Synchromysticism Forum for doing their part in contributing to the great awakening and integrating the network of mystics and researchers.

The story begins with the end…of an evening that is. I had just come home from an enlightening Kabala class where I managed to gain some rewarding insights and tie together some angelic symbolism. I got home around ten o’clock and promptly medicated myself. I was feeling the inspiration and decided to hang out in my room and think about the events of the day. My recent musical purchase of Ragas by Ravi Shankar was dancing about my room with unique melodic phrases and rhythm counts of other worldly timing. The CD has instruction and lecture by Ravi on what exactly Ragas are, how to count them, and the phrasing concepts; a great purchase for any student of music. He then demonstrates these techniques in long story telling bouts of Indian musical tradition.

I was walking about the room; maybe even thinking of finding another activity to wind me down, when I heard the most curious suggestion coming from the voice of the sitar. With elegant and beautiful tonality, the sitar was coaxing me to take a seat on the floor and invest my time in some meditational exploration. Now the sitar was not metaphorically or intuitively giving me suggestions; it was literally giving me explicit instructions. The melody had become a voice, or what I was interpreting as voice and speech. Of course, the thought crossed my mind that this could be an illusion, maybe even part of my own psyche breaking through to me or my higher self finding a mode to guide me. Whatever this voice was, I decided to go with the program.

In earlier days, I would have never given a second thought to meditating while under the influence. How can you focus, when your mind is flowing in several directions at once? However, I had just finished reading A Magick Life: A Biography of Aleister Crowley by Martin Booth. Crowley had used drugs religiously in conjunction with meditation and magical ritual, even contacting the ‘secret chiefs’. This is not something that I suggest anyone should practice unsupervised, especially trying to contact any ‘secret chiefs’. Marijuana is a hallucinogen and therefore visualization is heightened under the influence. Visualization is the key to accessing the wisdom of the ‘third eye’ so all hallucinogens play an important part in my personal development; I do, however, stress moderation and balance.

After making these virtual check points in my mind and deciding to engage the voice coming from the other end of the line, I assumed the half lotus position and began to relax. All the while, the voice is instructing me on my posture and breathing speaking in beautiful rhythmic patterns, weaving a tapestry of love and comfort. The voice sang, “Six deep breaths. Now we begin, with three breaths in and three out.” The first gift of the creator was the breath, and so we can connect to the life force through yogic breathing, learning to coordinate the diaphragm with the upper chest. It can be compared to filling a glass of water and then emptying the glass of water in the same fashion. In my practice, yogic or circular breathing is used as a warm up to settle the mind and connect with the inner self. So there was no surprise that the voice was asking me to begin this way.

Even while I was taking the breaths, the voice was encouraging me every step of the way. On completion of the six breath, the voice exclaimed the emotion of joy and the music coincided with a raise in vibration and speed of the tabla player.

The next step given to me was a fascinating technique for the illumination of the third eye. I had worked with the chakras before, but this technique was a little different. I was instructed to imagine a small flame in the center of my head or even the symbol of a flame. Still, my posture was under constant ‘observation’ by this disincarnate entity, and I made several adjustments or alignments during the course of the experience. Each time, the adjustments were to make my spine straighter, shoulders back, navel in, and move the legs around to support the structure. I even stretched my back muscles periodically then returned to the straightest posture I could manifest.

Now that I was fully illuminating the third eye, I received my next instruction. While holding the flame or symbol (whichever is easier, I found the symbol easier while I was focusing on other things) in position, I was told to pulse sheets of white light down my body. Starting at the crown, let the light paint your body from all directions, going all the way down to the root. This process was repeated a multiple of times. Each time, bliss and ecstasy beamed from my heart and mind and brought me closer to the true nature of being.

At this point, I was beginning to catch glimpses of movement in this light world I had created from the depths of my mind. One can always think that they will remain brave in the face of other worldly events, but until you are right there standing at the doorway, you have no idea how you are going to react. I remind you, I was a little high. The anxiety was starting to hit me and I had to back down. I was assured that this was ok, and even expected. While I sat for a moment and contemplated the events that had transpired, the voice was in constant communication with me, sending words of encouragement and joy.

During my little break, I had the idea to try some of my long distance healing work. The thought sparked a reaction of glee from the sitar and the tablas let out a trilling drum roll to initiate the next lesson. I began to visualize a friend of mine, who had been put on a kidney transplant list due to the fact that her body had gone auto-immune and attacked her kidneys, leading them to cease function. My idea was to rub the kidneys between my fingers (of my chi body), infusing them with light. I thought that maybe I could ignite them, like the spark of an engine, to get them to ‘turn over’. As I began feeding light into the kidneys, the suddenly turned to mush, and then a sand like substance, slipping right through my hands.

I was surprised and perplexed. Did this mean that there was nothing I could do for her? The voice grabbed my attention and addressed the situation in my heart, “Love is the center of all healing”. I was then instructed in a mudra for the heart chakra, “Fold the hands over the heart.” Later, my brother told me that this was ‘the mudra’ for the hearth chakra. My lessons in Peruvian shamanism had given me an understanding of the role unconditional love plays in healing. There are multiple healing modalities that do not utilize unconditional love at all, and that’s ok. It is not necessary. For my path, I believe that unconditional love will come into play with a lot of my work and that my guides want me to make a habit of accessing that vibration.

I do not live in unconditional love. I shift moods. I am sometimes cynical, dark, and/or brooding. The lesson is to access unconditional love in the moment. No matter what you think or feel about the person you are working with, you must find a way to unconditionally love them in that period that you are working with them. *(thanks to my teacher Maya Phoenix for making that clear)

At one point, I had an emotional rift with the friend of mine that I was working on, and needed to reset my energy if I was going to address her situation. I found the green center of glowing light deep in my chest and began to expand upon the feeling. Love is a vibration that you can tune in on at any time. Just imagine you are holding a small pet (puppy or kitten) or an infant closely to your chest. Do you feel that? Expand!

From here on, I started to lose my concentration. The length of my day and the intense focus had left me exhausted. I wrote down my experience in my magical journal and tried to go about the rest of my night. My problem was….I had left the phone off the hook. If you ever encounter an unexpected channeling session, be sure to close it out properly. I heard voices for the rest of the night that were quite annoying. I assumed that my ego had taken over. This had happened to me before many years ago on a mushroom trip. I tried to animate a voice in my head, give it a life of its own and it proceeded to fuck with me relentlessly. I would compare the post channeling experience to this. So remember to ‘hang up the phone’ to establish personal boundaries with disincarnate entities.

I am not going to try to actively channel beings. The experience was great, but not something I want to make a habit of. I will take the techniques that I learned and continue to practice them. I was a little freaked out to even listen to the Ravi Shankar CD again. Thankfully, I enjoyed it without any recognition of other worldly voices.


  1. Beautiful. I am so happy I came across your blog. It is extremely hard to explain experiences like this yet your words are that of eloquence and grace. Thank you for sharing. :)